Most 7 educational apps for iPhone

Use of smartphones has become very common among everyone, everyone carries it with them regularly everywhere, and there are many students, who prefer learning education on their phones. As iPhones and iPads have become popular, so we list the top 7 educational apps on iTunes.

This is the best app available on the iTunes and it is amazingly free, with the help of this app, you can learn many languages including Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch and Irish. It is already the iPhone’s app of the year. It has about 23 different languages that people can learn. It uses the gamification technique to teach users through providing different listening and speaking lessons and it tests your learning by asking multiple-choice questions. You can instantly check how many correct answers you gave. 170 million people use this application, and it requires iPhone or iPad with iOS 8 or above. is the perfect app for those who want to improve their English vocabularies as it contains meanings of more than millions words, in addition to that it tells their definition and shows examples of their usage. It gives you a new word every day to learn, provides audio pronunciation of every word and tests your vocabulary by taking your quiz. All these features are free but if you upgrade it then you will get additional features like offline access, example sentences, idioms and phrases and removal of ads. This app also requires iPhone or iPad that is compatible with iOS 8 or above.

SAT Prep by Ready4
If you are preparing for SAT exams or admission test based on SAT format so this is the best way to learn and keep yourself in practice for the test. This app contains more than 1000 questions with the explanation of the answers. It also tells you in which area you are weak and in which area you are strong, takes your test in every subject and tell you about your estimated SAT score. It requires iPhone or iPad that is compatible with iOS 9 or above.

Scribd is a digital library, which contains tons of material that can be used as a research material by the students. It lets you access to news, books, audiobooks, magazines, published articles and research papers. It has access to well-known resources from where you can select and read articles of your choice. To use this app you require iPhone or iPad with iOS 9 or above.

For students who are facing problems in assignments due to lack of writing skills, this is the best app that can help them in securing good grades in their assignment. It checks and corrects your grammatical mistakes and spelling, it improves your sentence structure and even checks the plagiarism in your assignment. Students can take a tremendous amount of with this app. Its basic functions are available free but for advanced version; you need to upgrade it to premium. It requires iOS 8 or above to run on your iPhone or iPad.

Microsoft OneNote is the best app for those who quickly forget what teacher just said because, with it, you can record the lectures, capture the picture of things teacher wrote on the whiteboard and write the notes of the subjects. You can even upload your notes to the OneDrive so that you can access them at anytime, anywhere and on any device. To run this you require iOS 9 or above on your iPhone or iPad.

Khan Academy
Khan Academy is already a very popular digital learning platform among many students, users of iPhones or iPad can download their app from iTunes without any charges. They provide educational lectures on almost every subject; they have 10,000 video lectures available from which students can learn and they have the 40,000-practise question to improve your knowledge with detailed solutions. You can even access the materials without the use of internet and prepare for MCAT, SAT and GMAT tests.

Khan Academy is available free and requires iOS 8 or above to run so this app is great for every student.